School & Nursery Garden Design

Our School & Nursery Landscaping Services in Surrey

Our garden design and landscaping work within Surrey schools and nurseries has given us a sense of pride as well as being one of the council's chosen landscapers for work in the South.

Through years of experience and knowledge, we have no trouble in identifying what would best suit a particular area or garden within the local schools, colleges and nurseries we work with. Sequoia have been responsible for some of the most innovative sensory areas encouraging the children’s enjoyment and understanding of their surroundings.

Each design project is driven by the area to be landscaped. Discussion in the early stages allows us to create the right area for the children to either use or look at. Willow Weaving has become popular and is great fun. Seating areas can be coupled with decorative plants as well as landscaping to introduce a pleasant area for the children to talk. Wild gardens can add colour and are popular with junior schools in the south. Trim Trails are landscaped and provide a wonderful trail for public to enjoy. Wild gardens incorporating wild flowers, attractive pathways and ponds have become features in the Surrey area.


If you would like more information about our school and nursery landscaping services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Here is a local school where a seating area was required  – being council approved allowed us to quickly schedule and complete the project ready for the return of school in early September 2009.