River Banks

There are many options with regards to river banks such as reclaiming lost land, preservation of the bank, boat moarings, fishing, swimming and seating areas to name but a few.

Timber Works

At sequoia we have our own team of carpenters and are able to cover all areas of timber work. We can build a variety of structures including sheds, bespoke summerhouses, log stores, garages, oak buildings and climbing structures

Metal Work

We use a lot of fabrication in our work. This is normally hidden behind the scenes! Walls, fences and structures are often reinforced with metal bars and plates which are sometimes made on site. We also make bespoke metal gates and features

Water Features

Water features can range from decorative sculpted stone bubble pools through to planted ponds encouraging wildlife and providing an endless interest in the garden.

Lighting / Garden Electrics

Sequoia have an accredited electrician at hand, who has been working on outside electrics for many years. He will advise on everything electrical from lighting through to the supply of electricity/lighting for ponds and garden plug points. This is then managed by him until completion.